The rapid spread of novel coronavirus Covid-19 is causing widespread economic and social disruption on a global scale. The pandemic is sending shock waves through every facet of the fashion industry, from manufacturing supply chains to front rows at fashion week. Follow us for minute-by-minute updates.

Latest Coronavirus Updates

  • Amazon is facing increasing pressure to protect its warehouse staff, with employees, New York legislators and unions calling on the e-commerce giant to close warehouses until sufficient health and safety measures are in place.
  • A record 6.6 million workers applied for unemployment benefits last week in the US, up from 3.3 million the week prior.
  • Chinese county Jia goes under lockdown amid fears of second wave of coronavirus spread.
  • French fashion federations have cancelled or postponed all trade shows slated to take place in June, adding to the growing list of events that have been scrapped as a result of the pandemic.
  • With western markets on lockdown, Asian consumptions is no panacea. Travel restrictions hamper luxury spending in Japan, putting companies with high market penetration at risk, while social distancing in Thailand means consumer spending is down there as well.